Alec's Current Position


Service Specialist, IT Red Prairie Competency Center; GlaxoSmithKline; July 2017 - Present

As a Service Specialist in the IT RedPrairie Competency Center at GSK, Alec works to contribute to strategic decisions at the RedPrairie platform level.  He designs code and configuration changes, aiming at maximizing standardization and simplification.  That includes leading coding, testing, and deployment efforts as well as writing the technical program/platform documentation.  Alec is also involved in root cause analysis and drives problem resolution.  At a big pharma company, Alec also helps to maintain software in a compliant, audit ready state.

Who Has Alec Worked For?

Accelogix, LLC; Jan 2013 - May 2017


 Alec is an expert-level resource for JDA Warehouse Management Software. His technical expertise is often a point of strength for integration and implementation projects.  He also leverages his customer service skill set to work with multiple clients simultaneously.  JDA requires a strong understanding of a complex, transactionally-rich, relational database structure.  

Hub Group; May 2012 - Aug 2012


Alec did his summer internship with the transportation company, Hub Group.  He successfully managed and completed a summer machine replacement project across the entire company in where he replaced over 100 computers for employees. This required heavy reliance on remote connections and active directory management. While working, he gained knowledge on configuring ODBC connections for users when needed. He also handled hardware and software troubleshooting through a ticketing system.

Geek Squad; Oct 2006 - Nov 2012


Yes indeed, Alec was a clip on tie-wearing geek!  At Best Buy with the Geek Squad team he was responsible for customer satisfaction on a daily basis where he troubleshooted and repaired a multitude of hardware and software problems.  He excelled at meeting deadlines to ensure customer satisfaction and business efficiency.  Alec held employment with the Geek Squad averaging 30-40 hours per week while completing his high school and college education.

Experiential Learning


Abbott Laboratories; Dec 2011 - May 2012

Alec was fortunate enough to be selected to the Experiential Learning Center project at NIU to help a real company solve a real problem.  While working with a four person team, Alec helped develop a digital media marketing strategy for four different Abbott products.  At the end of the semester, Alec and his team presented their strategy to top-level Abbott executives.